In 2012, the collaboration between Leclettico and Brianza’s master craftsmen gave birth to what Claudio likes to refer to as a small collection of thoughtful furniture. His extensive research and his curious nature led him to discover the boundaries of "collecting design" to develop and reinterpret furnishings inspired by forms from the past, where materials such as brass and wood are the preamble to a limited number of pieces , which will be "re-edited every year with different materials and finishes, thus maintaining a strong character of uniqueness."
This year at the Salone del Mobile 2013, Leclettico combines the knowledge of Brianza's craftsmen with the creativity of five for the creation of a second series of furniture with a strong design content and great materials’ quality, a mix of original, sometimes surreal combinations, to create a sort of unexpected surprise in the viewer - what Claudio likes to call: the "WoW Effect." In this second collection, emotion is no longer subjective but essential to our understanding of the objects: here a wardrobe conceals a fairy tale, a bench becomes perspective, a mirror reflects onto itself and porcelain curves become extra-terrestrial form.

Produzione Leclettico

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